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What We Offer!

Web Development

Gavista Tech offers end to end, web application development services, from requirements gathering and definition to the delivery and deployment of web based application solutions. We bring years of experience on board in developing cutting edge web based applications to meet both the business and technical requirements of a project.

We provide web application development, web application integration, ecommerce services & solutions to meet the requirements of global clientele. Gavista Tech helps its customers to manage business oriented, web applications development around the world by providing round o clock development teams and support on delivered applications. Gavista Tech also helps its customers migrate existing web applications from current to future systems by re-engineering their legacy applications using latest technologies and tools.

Search Solutions

Gavista Tech provides ready to use faceted search results for your product search on your eCommerce site. Gavista Tech provides the ability to create facets on product names, attributes, pricing and availability without managing a schema file. Gavista Tech lets you scale your search service up or down as required without any manual intervention. Search servers are automatically kept in sync and indexes recover without any downtime.

Gavista Tech provides a highly distributed indexing and searching configuration to allow you to index simultaneously on multiple servers and search across these search servers. Indexing large volumes of data and searching instantly across them is easy to manage with Gavista Tech. As your data grows, simply add more servers to meet your needs without having to move your data manually.

Server Administration

Does your company require more flexibility? Are you thinking of a different revenue model for your business? Gavista Tech web application development team will place your data in a secure cloud or build a SaaS solution to give your clients more flexibility!.

Gavista fully understand that uptime, security, and reliability are of the utmost importance to any hosting company.We make sure that each member of the team meets all of our extremely demanding quality standards before they are allowed to handle any issues. We work on complex issues on servers to reduce downtime and improve performance. We guarantee that the quality of support you will receive, will meet or exceed your company’s expectations.

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