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LegalCrystal - Indian Law Search Engine

It all started in the year 2008, Lakshman - Founder of Gavista Tech hit the idea watching his parents' century old law-firm referring to humungous books which have listings of judgments while researching for a case. He then realized that a lot of time and effort was being spent on searching for suitable precedents to the case and figured it would be interesting to develop a search engine as easy to use as Google for Indian Law. After much research, analysis and discussion with law firms the basic outline of our product LegalCrystal was chalked out.

India, being one of the major game player in the IT sector, recently took active efforts to present all laws along with their amendments at indiacode.nic.in and all court judgments at judis.nic.in Also, there are few other private companies which do similar work. However a majority of these have failed to implement an efficient and effective law search engine hence making the effort futile as people spend a lot of time manually searching through a huge set of links and gauging their relevance.

To tackle these issues, our core development team developed an innovative and efficient search engine which provides quick results and is easy to use. If you are a Judge, Attorney, Judicial Officer or a person seeking Indian Law, then the entire Indian law database from the year 1850 (approx.) till date has being digitized and powered with an effective search for your benefit.

Web Crawler - Python BeautifulSoup and Selenium WebDriver

Indian Judiciary uploads judgements/verdicts to a public web portal, cases aren’t structured & organized.

We devised a crawler using Python-BeautifulSoup which parses HTML and returns a list. Systemized the crawler using powerful regex to pick semantic data from the web page and insert into MySQL table.

Configured a cron to automatically update DataBase as soon as the webpage is updated.

It handles 23 Courts with each court uploading thousand’s of cases everyday.

Search Framework - Sphinx and MySQL

Searching a MySQL DataBase of 7,000,00 rows using the default Full-Text Search is hard and tedious work hence we pioneered a Search Engine to handle millions of rows of data!.

Optimized the schema, built indexes, streamlined the queries using SphinxSearch Framework with PHP-SphinxAPI.

Reduced response time with less memory footprint and improved the accuracy-relevancy of search results.

MVC Web Application - CakePHP and HTML, JS

Designed & Developed entire backend & frontend of a Web Application in CakePHP from scratch. Worked on user registration, integrated payment gateway, bulk e-mail, dashboard, created SEO friendly url’s, modified Twitter BootStrap Theme and transformed into a live product.

Server Administration - Ubuntu

Worked on Apache, optimized the configuration to handle more requests & less memory. Migrated files, configurations, database to a new server without any glitch or downtime. Worked on Domain Registration, Redirection and configuring DNS. Managed Servers on AWS, Rackspace, Hetzner, OVH.

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